Sunday 1 March 2015

Day 2 Italy and me

3 planes... 12 hours of travel time. The food alone was worth the trip.

Now I feel exceptionally lucky as I receive a different experience than most when coming to Italy. I get to experience life in Italy. There is the tourist hotel restaurant experience and than there is getting Italy first hand from the people who live here. I have been here 3 days (I am not including my first day in my blog however technically 3 days is correct) and in those days I have eaten the most delicious food ever tasted and not been to one restaurant. Never has anyone tasted a pasta sauce so delicate in flavour and polar opposite as to what we call pasta sauce. What a disgrace we are to Italian food.

Grilled meat. To die for!!!

The best Lasagna I have ever tasted

Tonight was a surprise get together with a few of Enrico's oldest and dearest friends. To see Enrico with his friends he is complete. The comfort of old friends is something that cannot be replaced. I sat in awe as the conversation rose from a discussion to 8 Italians competing for their chance to get their point across. I somehow wish they could have seen themselves through my eyes. What a sight to behold. I still smile at the thought.
I spent a few hours sitting amoungst them and even though I knew not what their words were I knew the topic of conversation and their body language, hand gestures and tone of voice put all together and you have quite the show. I thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening. This is an experience you do not get from traveling to Italy without actually knowing an Italian to invite you into their home. I am eternally grateful.

Friendship is the Wine of life - Edward Young

A many thanks for this special "Welcome" dessert

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