Saturday 7 March 2015

Day 8 Italy and me

Where did the time go? I feel as though we just got here, tired and weary from the long flight.

In my life I haven't been much of a traveler. I have been to California, Mexico and Italy. By far Italy ranks number 1 in my books. It feels to me like going to a whole new world where things don't make sense and everything is different and the same all in one. We all drive, however driving here in Italy is much different from us at home. I have watched as it is not the right of way that deserves the go it is watching if that person will hit you... No? Ok go. The houses are completely different from ours, the driveways all have automatic gates the roofs have not one shingle like ours however they are curved shingles on every house. The streets are small, there is a traffic circle seemingly on every block. Not once have I seen a fast food place on the corner. It is an amazing place to be. I am in love

I do not speak Italian. I understand enough words get the idea of what a conversation is about and how to do the basic forms of communication with people. Despite this every time I have met Enricos family and friends they welcome me with open arms and I have never been felt as if I don't belong.

How do you thank a group of people for such kindness? The kindness that makes you feel that even though you are a world away you feel at home.

The Masiero Family. I can't thank them enough for all they have done. Opening your home to someone is a lot to ask. The time I have been here I have had he most amazing home cooked meals. The kind only the luckiest of people get to have. Despite the language barrier we have all had a lot of laughs. I am eternally grateful for being able to see where Enrico has come from, how he lived and whom he shared his time with in the life before we met. Silvia, Giovanni, Altea and Giordanno, thank you for having me and making me feel like I am part of the family. ❤️

I love Italy. Not only for it's raw beauty, Venice and the food. It is the people I am surrounded by, the people whom my husband calls his family and friends. The combination of it all makes this the best place I have ever travelled to. I wish that everyone could experience such a wonderful time. It is not lost to me that I am extremely lucky and grateful for every moment spent here.

Simon & Elisa, Mateo & Anita, Enrico (Renso), Penny, Velentina, Davide, Enrico (Ukka) & Claudia thank you for accepting me into your circle and making me feel at home. ❤️

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