Monday 28 November 2011

One smart cookie

This little girl is so smart. She has mastered the hand signs for "more" and for "please". It is the cutest thing in the whole world. If she wants more she just signs more and how can I refuse. The please is adorable too. If you say no to something she will ask please in sign language. Melt my heart...

She is now walking around so much more. She walks all over the house. I love it. Her balance is getting great. The proud look she has when walking across the room is priceless. How I love my baby girl.

She also said "Thank you". I swear I almost cried lol. It sounds like "anh oooo". Its the cutest!

I need to get these all on camera so you can see how cute it really is :)

This picture is her tonight. She is not feeling good. She has been tired all day. Her nose is runny and she has a cough. But she is still up for playing with her puppy Ryley, the game of sticking the diaper genie refill on his head. Such happiness when she gets it on his head.  :)

Monday 14 November 2011

Scrabble anyone?

Another craft made from Pinterest. So simple and fun, since I love crafts. To make this you need;

  1. Picture frame
  2. Scrabble tiles
  3. Scrapbook paper
  4. Glue
The rest is just your own imagination. :)

Now that Abby believes Ryley to be one of her best friends, she does whatever pleases her with him. That may be smacking him with her hands, pulling on his hair, banging her head into him, hugging him and rocking back and forth.
Abby has become quite the mama's girl, so to get her to come off Mama's lap Enrico started to play little games with her, he showed her how you can stick this Diaper Genie refill on your head, and wait, even funnier if you stick it on Ryley's head. Now that he showed her this little game, she searches for that Diaper Genie refill and comes right to Ryley to put it on his head.
This picture depicts her happiness as she gets the Diaper Genie refill to stay on his head :)


Sunday 13 November 2011

Crayon picture for Abigail's room could very well be the most addicting site I have ever been to. I love the crafts, the recipes the fantastic ideas they have. I have scrolled through many and virtually "pinned" some to my virtual boards so I can go back and make them later.
I actually made a few crafts from it this weekend. I made this crayon picture for Abigails room. I was surprised how great it actually turned out. It was so easy too. This is what you need,

  1. Blank canvas
  2. Box of crayola crayons
  3. Hot glue gun
  4. Heat gun or Hair dryer
Glue the crayons on to the canvas and once they are all glued, heat the crayons up with the heat gun or the hair dryer.
*Be careful with the blow dryer, the wax may blow around a bit if you are not careful.


Thursday 10 November 2011

Those shoes were made for walkin, and thats just what she'll do ;-)

November 09, 2011, Abigail decided to turn around and walk for the first time across the room. Truly the most exciting moment. She has been getting more brave taking a few steps here and there, but she decided on this day to walk across the whole room to me. I loved it, and can not wait for more. There is nothing more cute then this little girl trying to balance and take her little steps.

These pictures are her taking some of her first few walks across the room. Getting more brave and carrying things too ;)

Abigail I love you more then words!

PS. The camera battery is charged and soon I start the 30 DAYS OF PICTURES.

Buona notte a tutti

Monday 7 November 2011

Sharing what we love most, with those we love

Anyone who has seen Abby with her blanket, knows she has an attachment to it. She can spot it across a room, and ask for it until she gets it. She will chew on it, bite her fingers through it by accident, cry... Sleep with it, bite it and crawl around with it. Cuddle it in the car, when she is upset. It very well could be her best friend.

This picture makes me smile. She and Ryley have become fast friends since she figured out she can feed him and he will take it. She loves it. So does he. She always wants him around and when he is laying down, she will often go lay with him. The day I took this picture she decided she wanted to lay down like Ryley. And then while staring at him, she took part of her blanket and tried to pass it to him.

Cutest moment ever!

30 day photo challenge

So I feel inspired to accept this challenge. It gives you guidance on what to take pictures of. I will charge the battery in my camera and lets see what the next 30 days bring. 

Tuesday 1 November 2011

A break in the communication barrier

Today, for the first time, I my little girl communicated with me through sign language.

My mom was eating a tootsie pop and she let Abby try some. She immediately loved it of course. My mom said that earlier in the day she was sure Abby was doing the sign for more, when she was eating raisins.

I took the Tootsie pop back from her and gave it to my mom. Abby reached for it the second it left her fingers. I said "Abby, more? more? AND.... She did the sign!!!!!! SHE ASKED FOR MORE! We tried it again, and I told her "say please" and I showed her the sign for please. Then asked her to "say please to Grandma" AND SHE DID!

I honestly couldnt be more happy at this moment. Abby mommy is so darn proud of you!

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