Monday 9 March 2015

Talking about the tough stuff

Abigail turns 5 in June but for now she is my 4 year old baby girl.

It amazes me each day the way she grows and the way she learns. She is wise beyond her years. Her mind works in wonderous ways beyond what I would have expected from this precious little girl.
The questions that come out.
"Mommy, why does the moon go around the earth?". This fantastic one she asked me first thing in the morning before she said good morning.
"Mommy, why does it become night and than day again?"
"Mommy, when you send messages how does it know to go to the right person?" Um..... Go ask your dad. LOL

The hardest and most difficult one yet is her asking about dying. When people become "skeletons" as she calls it. Asking what happens to your body when you die. Cremation and burying she is finding extremely difficult to understand. I am trying my best but her questions are beyond her comprehension of the subject. We leave today's conversation with her sad. She is quite unhappy with the fact of cremation. Which is extremely understandable for a 4 yr old and there is no other way to sugarcoat. Don't get me wrong, I am not horrid graphic but I do tell her the truth when she asks questions. That little brain just works and works up questions. After I think my explanation is great,
"Mommy, what are ashes?"
"Mommy, if Ryley becomes ashes when we he come alive again?"
"How do they make animals into ashes?"


So this subject is not at an end for sure and in her 4 short years this is the most difficult subject I have had to explain to my baby. I want you to know my beautiful Abigail, this is why parents say "because I said so that's why" ;)

Her innocence is one of the most beautiful things that makes a child so precious. I want the innocent questions of "mommy, are there real my little ponies in our world?" back :)

I believed I was prepared to explain to my beautiful daughter the ways of life and that I would be ready. But at 4? Nope I wasnt. I wasn't ready for her question after question pushing my answers harder and harder to make.

You astound me Abigail with your wise mind. This world won't take you places it will be YOU that takes this world places. How I love you ❤️

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