Thursday 1 March 2012

100 Things About Me

I read somewhere that every Blog has to have 100 things about you. So, here it is.
  1. I have one sister, she is older
  2. My first concert was Paula Abdul
  3. I have never feared death until my daughter was born, now the thought of leaving her terrifies me.
  4. I loathe when people say “gong show”
  5. I want to move away from Edmonton, but can’t bear to leave my parents.
  6. I love to get a pedicure but I hate manicures.
  7. Everyone’s feet other than my own make me sick
  8. My biggest accomplishment was quitting smoking
  9. My next one will hopefully be eating healthier. Which you would think would be easier. To me it’s not.
  10. I worry I value my friendships with people more than they do
  11. I am uptight and worried about embarrassing myself all the time.
  12. I wish I was not like this. I would enjoy life more.
  13. My mother is one of my best friends. I love to spend time with her
  14. I love to have long nails, but the obsession of them consumes me. I have to cut them off.
  15. I won $10,000 on a radio contest
  16. I split half with my sister who nominated me for the contest
  17. As much as I think a real Christmas tree would be pretty, I will forever be a fake tree person in fear of a fire.
  18. Me and my husband make up words that only we know the meaning of
  19. I love teeny bopper movies
  20. My feet are always hot. I buy slippers but can never wear them.
  21. We sleep with separate blankets because our dog sleeps in the middle and one of us always ended up without a blanket. It is just easier this way
  22. I don’t think it is gross to share a toothbrush with your spouse
  23. If I am eating meat and find a norb in it, my meal is done.
  24. I prefer winter to summer, but find summer more pretty
  25. My memory is almost gone. I worry for my future. Honestly
  26. I fell madly in love with my husband  before I actually met him in person
  27. I think camping in a national park is the most beautiful, but I secretly hate it in complete fear of bears.
  28. If I could choose, I would not want to camp in bear country ever again
  29. I can watch baking shows for hours and never make one thing
  30. I don’t mind doing and folding laundry but I hate putting it away
  31. I could eat rice every day and not complain
  32. I hate to admit I am very greedy
  33. I have never liked the taste of any alcohol
  34. I love to sleep with the noise of a fan or humidifier. If it isn’t there I have trouble sleeping
  35. My cousin and my sister are the only two people I can whole heartedly trust with anything.
  36. I still have not received my high school diploma. I graduated with the credits but they never sent it because I did not return a text book.
  37. I wonder sometimes if it matters more then I actually think it does
  38. When I am in the company of family and friends I am a complete loon
  39. I swear too much when I drive
  40. I daydream most of the day
  41. I am scared to get pregnant again in fear of the overwhelming loss of energy I got in the first 3 months of my first pregnancy
  42. I will forever try to please my father but his expectations will forever be out of my reach
  43. I hold my father in very high regard. I look up to him immensely
  44. I never knew how much my mother wanted a grandchild until Abigail came along
  45. My husband is the nicest and most caring man I have ever met
  46. I thought people like him only existed in movies
  47. I wish I could be more like him
  48. I quit everything I start and hold on in hopes I will start again.
  49. I hate that I remember ex-boyfriends birthdays
  50. I sometimes wonder if they remember mine
  51. I buy vegetables all the time in hopes of using them all. 50% go bad
  52. I have fake nails and play with them constantly
  53. I have been with my bank since I was 13
  54. I still love the New Kids on the Block and watch their concert on vhs
  55. The best summer I ever had was with my cousin when we were 13
  56. My cousin has been my most consistent best friend
  57. I love her more then she knows
  58. People who randomly talk to me in public annoy me
  59. I eat with plastic spoons and forks. I hate the taste of metal.
  60. I will not use a travel coffee mug because the metal gives it a weird taste
  61. I think community candy bowls or shared boxes of cookies and veggie plates are vile and filled with peoples hand germs
  62. I have no patience for stupidity, I just get mad
  63. I think I know what people are thinking sometimes and get mad when I actually have no idea
  64. Life taught me a very important lesson on never judging a person until you have walked in their shoes
  65. I love the smell of lilacs
  66. My husband has a cd addiction that I honestly from the bottom of my heart hate
  67. I want to thank my parents for everything they do for me but do not know a way that shows the way I feel
  68. Every day that passes I wonder if they think I take them for granted for not thanking them enough
  69. I hate opening presents in front of a person because I don’t like having to give a proper reaction
  70. When I give a present I expect a great reaction. Double standard? I think so
  71. I have a candy coke bottle addiction
  72. Sometimes I use my fingers to get them instead of the tongs provided  :0
  73. I dream of a house with a bay window
  74. I still sign with my maiden name. Nobody notices
  75. When I wake up in the morning I am up. I don’t understand people who need a half hour to wake up
  76. I am a last minute everything!
  77. I think life would be better without “what if’s?”
  78. I have an extremely great sense of direction. Take me there once, I will find it again
  79. I believe my father when he says he doesn’t think they really landed on the moon
  80. My favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption
  81. My favorite song is American Pie
  82. I suffered a horrible broken heart and persevered
  83. Even hearing a story of animal abuse makes me cry. I avoid them always
  84. I worked at McDonalds until I was 18
  85. I have never liked to know what I was getting for Christmas. I still don’t
  86. When I go into someone’s house, I can’t help from re decorating their house in my head
  87. I worry daily that my husband misses his friends and only has me here
  88. My fear of bee’s has become so bad that I hear a weed eater and I am ready to run
  89. I actually felt sad when I finished reading the 4th book of Twilight because it was really over then
  90. I stockpile toothpaste, shampoo and dish soap
  91. My family went on Holidays every year. They are some of the best memories of my life
  92. I like to start drama, sit back and watch it happen
  93. My mother is more caring then she lets on to be
  94. Watching American Justice and Cold Case files has made me not trust anyone!
  95. I think religion is just a way to make one feel better. I don’t believe in any of it
  96. It makes me happy my husband feels the same way I do
  97. The smell of a bbq appeals to me more than the taste
  98. When filling air in my tires I always worry it will blow up on me
  99. When passing semi’s on the freeway I shut my window in fear of being hit with a rock from their tires
  100. I tune people out without meaning to. All the time

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