Tuesday 17 March 2015

Don't grow up. Please

Bath time can be a annoying task and it can also be a fun one. Today I look at my first born baby girl, growing so fast before my eyes. Even though she gets bigger by the day she is still only 4 and I think it is important to take a step back and enjoy the moment of the present. She will never be this age again, she will never be so innocent as it fades with each passing day. Her brain works at an amazing pace and sometimes it is hard to keep up with her questions. Some of which I have no answers and the fact that she asks such brain teasers makes me smile.

As I watched her play in the tub with only the joy a child can, it fills my heart. As we grow, the baths become less and less of a playtime for us. I do remember though the wonderous time it is to have your toys diving into the water, splashing about in the bubbles and the warm towels from the dryer my dad would bring. I watch her today and it makes me smile to know that I have once known that joy as well.

I am saddened thinking of the day I am no longer privy to these moments and she is able to do it all herself. My little girls are no longer babies... with each passing day they become more beautiful. It amazes me the amount of hair they both have. Abigail's hair astounds me in the mass of it as well as the length. It has a curl to it that I find so beautiful and I hope that as she gets older she embraces it rather than seeing it as a hindrance. At four years old it had grown all the way down to her bottom. Amazing!

Ellie on the other hand has never loved bath time. It is a time of tears and a time of screaming. There is no toys being dipped in bubbly water, there is however a little girl wet and slippery trying to escape the tub :)

From the start this little baby had amazing hair. She looked like a doll and was every bit as precious. I regret to say my mom gave her a mullet in attempt to cut her bangs and it has never been right since. But we will get there one day :) her hair is also growing fast and is quite a bit more curly than Abby's.  These are Enrico's girls to a T. This is a picture of him at the same age as Ellie and they are so very similar and that is where she gets those curls even though her daddy no longer has any ;)

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