Monday 2 March 2015

Day 3 Italy and me

Pizza pizza pizza

Now I honestly do not like pizza. Canadian pizza is heavy with grease and dough and cheap cheese. It leaves you with a brick in the stomach feeling and you feel as though you really shouldn't have eaten something so disgusting. It was not until I tasted a pizza in Italy for the first time that I actually enjoyed a piece of pizza.

As for us Canadians we order one large pizza and split it. We can do this because one piece is as heavy as eating half of an Italian pizza if even that.

I revel in the differences we have between countries. I love that when the pizza comes everyone chooses the one they have ordered and they rip the box so that the cardboard has now become your plate. You get one whole pizza to yourself which upon Canadian standards would seem rather ravenous however this pizza is thin and delicate as to not devastate you upon eating the whole thing.

Buon Appetito ;)

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