Saturday 28 February 2015

Day 1 Italy and me

This will be my 3rd visit to Italy. The first trip was to meet Enrico's family and friends. We visited the  closest places Padova, Verona and Venice. The Second trip around was another family visit this time we had two children in tow and as well my parents. On this visit we took a fabulous trip to Naples to see Pompeii and Capri.

Now this being the third time this trip is not about the sites it is not about a "vacation" this one is a family visit. Aside from the few friend visits Enrico is here to spend time with his family and of course I jumped at the chance to tag along. Who wouldn't? ;)

Today was our first real day here with no travel and extreme exhaustion. We walked around the town today and to my surprise the great difference in climatization of people was quite amusing to me.

It was 17 degrees today. For me a beautiful spring/summer weather day. I had on sandels and no coat. I felt great, at times even a bit hot. Now Italians on the other hand were dressed to the hilt. I laughed quite a few times at the attire they all have chosen for such a day. Many people in puffy winter coats, scarves and toques. Even babies in their strollers with the arctic sacks to keep them warm. 

Keep them warm... 

I am sure I stuck out like a red flower in a Field of white flowers as I strolled along basking in the slight breeze and the sunshine as we passed these people headed for the North pole ;)

I snuck a few pictures 

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