Saturday 18 April 2015

A legend in its own time

My husband came from Italy some 6 years ago and fell in love with buffets as well as with me. I can not tell you how many buffets I have been to. If there is a buffet, we have been. I would have to say that after the amount we have been to, we could probably call ourselves the connoisseur's of buffets lol. I do not particularly like buffets. As we all know they are full of mediocre food and its usually about quantity not quality. I would rather spend my money on a decent meal rather than a buffet. But there is one exception. One exception I will go as far to say is the best buffet I have ever had. And coming from me, the one who has been dragged to every buffet possible, I truly know the good from the bad. This my friends, this is the good!!

Barb & Enrie's Old Country Inn. 

A legend in its own time. The gem of Edmonton when it comes to places to eat. I have been coming here since I was a little girl. I keep coming back because the food is unlike any other restaurant there is. It is like you are being fed from the absolute best cook in your family. Everytime you go! 

Now their buffet. Their buffet is something I look forward to each week. When the weekend comes around we usually go for our Friday night dinner. What is on our minds? Barb & Ernies buffet!! They start you with a bowl of soup. I can not tell you how unbelievable their soups are. Made by the owners themselves (not bought) they are hands down the best soups I have ever had! It is so good in fact it inspires you to want to make your own. You have not tasted good homemade soup until you have tasted a bowl of theirs! The buffet is just as wonderful in every respect. Their cold salad table is always filled with a special item I can not refuse. Homemade by them they never disappoint with a new recipe. 

Their buffet is the piece de la resistance. Tonight featured Beef Wellington bites that were so savory, I was in pure heaven. Start with their Schnitzel & Sausages. Do not forget Char's special mustard as it is as essential & even a more important staple than ketchup. Next comes their Spatzle, now they rotate a meat dish and any meat that they put in there is fantastic, but if you make it to Thomas' meatloaf night you have hit the jackpot!! Your vegetable of the day and my absolute favorite Red cabbage & Sauerkraut. I have tried to make Red Cabbage after tasting it at Barb & Ernies. I will warn you now, do not waste your time. It can never be as good as the make it. I am officially hooked. 

Wash it all down with your favorite beer or a German beer on tap

Friday nights dinner sounds good doesn't it? If you cannot make it Friday, they have it Saturday too. You could even go twice! I tell you, it is that good, and we are not even done yet. I havent made it to the desserts. 

How do you explain that these are some of the best desserts I have ever tasted. She is a master at her craft when it comes to desserts. Always make sure to save room for this. You will be missing out on a great experience if you don't. Tonights desserts featured Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake, Butterscotch Lasagna, Coffee & Baileys jello, Apple pecan crumble & Bacon Maple Walnut Cake!!! The desserts rotate as well and you will always find something extraordinary on this table. I have yet to come across something I do not like. Oh if I could give everyone a taste of the Butterscotch Lasagna.


Ever since we found this hidden gem of a buffet we have been coming for it whenever possible. The quality is there, the food is beyond amazing! The owners are wonderfully friendly people! Most owners of a restaurant you never see. From the moment we have started coming as a family they have watched our kids grow with us. If you ever hear people say they treat you like family, this is what they mean. You come here, you are not a customer, you are treated like family. 

Combine that all together and you have one heck of a place to come eat, wouldn't you say? Are you in? Have you eaten here? If not, do not walk, RUN!! You are missing out!!

One thing you do not want to do is miss out on their breakfast. I would say hands down this is my go to breakfast place. It goes beyond all expectations for a good breakfast. You will find the best plate of breakfast served to you from a restaurant. People believe me when I say, this is the be all end all for places to eat. It has it all!! Personality, charm, good food and good people. Need I say more?

Remember, I have been to possibly every buffet in this city. The price for this buffet is excellent for its value. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

                                                        Barb & Ernie's

                               9906 72 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 3R3

                                                       (780) 433-3242

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