Tuesday 3 March 2015

Day 4 Italy and me


A dream come true is all I can call this. This is my third time to Venice and it makes it no less exciting than the first time I stepped out of that train station. The beauty of Venice overwhelms me. To come out of the train station and your eyes set upon the grand canal and the bridge and the many people bustling about.

This time in Venice is what I will call my dream trip. I love being here walking amongst the tiny walkways and window shopping in all the small shops just as i had done the previous trips but this time, this time I don't leave through half the day this time we are staying overnight. From the first time I set eyes on Venice I was in love. It's quaint beauty cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world. It is unique in the best possible sense. To see it at night, to stay on a hotel on the Grand Canal... I dreamed it... Enrico made it happen 

The excitement only grew as we made our way to our hotel. I couldn't wait to look out the window at the view. The view I only dreamed of looking at from a hotel room. 

The room was in fact bigger than I had imagined. Not that I cared much about the room it was all about the view. The grand canal, my dream, get out of my way Enrico I want to be at the window lol. I am not sure why I never expected the window to not open so when Enrico opened it and swung the glass doors open I almost cried with joy haha. He lay on the bed resting and I pulled up a chair to the window and perched myself and there I sat watching the busy canal below. The people going to and fro, The water taxis the gondolas. Man I made it. I am here!!!! 

An after dinner walk revealed exactly what I was looking for. Quiet walkways, beautiful scenery, and San Marco Square was unlike I had previously seen it. With hardly anyone walking around it took on a different kind of beauty I can only hope to catch a minor piece through pictures. 

We decided to take a different way back to the hotel and we got a bit lost in Venice. I can say with 100% certainty there is no other person I would like to get lost in Venice with than Enrico and I had a blast being lost inVenice :) it is an amazing place and I feel overwhelmed with happiness that I got this wonderful experience. There is truly nothing like it. 



Absolute beauty


  1. So jealous! I've always wanted to see Venice!

  2. I highly recommend it. So beautiful! Thank you for reading. I would love it if you checked out some of my other posts. If you have a blog leave your link for me please :)

  3. I just discovered this post via twitter, so glad I found it! I love reading about Venice and people who love the city as much as I do. I have my own blog about Venice if you fancy having a read :) www.littlebellaonline.com


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