Sunday 2 August 2015

What a pain in the.... Back?

It has been 10 days since my last post. I haven't had the urge to write at all. I even wondered, am I done with blogging? I just haven't been in the mood. Today I thought about it as I usually do every night and it hit me. I do have something to write about. Something that has been bugging me since my last post. Back pain!!

Now those who read my blog know I hurt my back sleeping on the ground during the worst camping trip ever. You can read that here. I seen a chiropractor since than and discovered I have a pinched nerve. With a few treatments I was good as new.

It is amazing how bad I felt walking into his clinic. I was literally standing crooked. The first time I felt back pain was a year ago. I was putting my baby into her crib and I felt something go snap! That took me out for awhile. I never got treatment for it. I just lived with it until it went away. It came back a few week before the camping trip. While laying in bed I moved and snap, there it went again. Not as bad as the first time, but it was bothering me. It wasn't until I went camping that I really hurt it. A pinched nerve. It is amazing how much it hurts.

The chiropractor scares me. Always has. When I was younger my cousins friend died at a chiropractor. It has never left my mind. But I was in pain. Lots! I spoke to my boss and she was recommended me to go to her chiropractor. She did tell me that she no longer gets her neck adjusted. She said, she started fainting while she was walking. She fainted in the mall once. After a long talk with her Dr she mentioned that she gets her neck adjusted by a chiropractor. He said that this was exactly the cause of her fainting. That in the adjustment of her neck it was breaking blood vessels and she was losing blood flow to her brain. They do grow back but this is what was happening.

I will not say I was not a little horrified listening to it. Jesus Christ! This is exactly why I don't want to do this kind of shit. Being a person who is on medication for anxiety, this isn't what I wanted to hear. But from that moment on, I decided, no neck adjustments! Just that night my cousin and I spoke. I told her about my back pain and how I was going to a chiropractor. She immediately told me no, and reminded me about her friend who died. Um.... I wont lie.... Yup, I was scared now.

However, I went. I was in pain. Lots and lots. I couldn't do anything without feeling the pain. Nothing would take it away. He made a note in my file, no neck adjustments. I seen him twice. After the second time. I felt right as rain. I felt as though I never ever had back pain before. I felt FANTASTIC.

This feeling lasted for about two weeks. It wasn't until this Friday night I woke up in the middle of the night and could feel my back starting to hurt. Nooooooooo I really didn't want this pain back. I knew he told me, you will need to come back 2-3 times a week. And with no coverage at $50 a visit, that wasn't happening. But I guess that is what brought me here. And even with this back pain here again, I can still will not pay $150 a week for a chiropractor. With that being said... I can not wait for Monday so I can call him and make an appointment as quick as possible.

It is amazing how fast it can take you out. I walk like I am 80 years old. There is a burning pinching feeling in my back almost all the time. It feels good to lay down. But god help me when I get up. I didn't think it would come back so quick. Damn.

I am starting to think that it is time for core strengthening. Yoga perhaps. I took my daughters to the beach today and I could hardly do anything with them. It hurt to sit on the sand and make sand castles. I looked forward to it. I wanted to have fun with them. I was hoping to play in the water. But it only felt comfortable to sit. I felt pathetic. I am glad that their Grandparents and their Daddy were there to play with them. All in all it was a wonderful day. But this back pain is becoming a real bitch.

It makes me think.... Do I want to feel this way as I get older? I am 36 years old. It is not too old to start taking care of myself. It is time. I want to be healthy for my kids so we are eating better. Not only do I need to lose some weight, but I also obviously need some core strengthening. I hate to exercise. The thought of it makes me sad. But it is like anything, you need to get in the routine and it isn't so bad. I guess, we will see how it goes.
"Back pain is youth leaving the body"
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