Sunday 10 May 2015

The A-Z Blogging Challenge

I have decided to accept this 
A-Z about me blogging challenge

A is for Abigail : My 4yr old angel. Mommys first born 

B is for Bruno Mars : I love his songs. Especially this one at the moment 

C is for Capri : One of the most beautiful places I have ever visited

D is for Dog : I have one, his name is Ryley

E is for Ellie : My second born angel. 

F is for Feet : I despise feet, everyone's but my own

G is for Gelato : Ate as much as I could in Italy 

H is for Heat : I hate the heat. I am not looking forward to summer

I is for Italian : I married one. He has made every one of my dreams come true

J is for Jaundice : My baby Ellie had this when she was born

K is for Kim : My soulmate, my cousin, my heart

L is for Lori : My best friend

M is Mental Health : I struggled with post partum depression with both my children. I think women need to talk about it more. 

N is for Naples : I took this video on my phone in Naples. I have never seen driving like this

O is for Orange Juice : When I was pregnant I was addicted to orange juice with ice. 

P is for Pompeii : I longed to go here for many years. We made it in 2013

Q is for Quiet : I wish for this everyday. With two children under 5 it is hard to get any of this.

R is for Risotto : I love it and cannot get enough. The best Risotto I had was Asparagus Risotto

S is for Susan : My name. I hated it for years. I am ok with it now. My father picked my name.

T is for Tupperware : Some people love it. I HATE it. I throw it out when people give it to me. Lids get lots, containers get messy. Loath the stuff

U is for Ugly : I am always worried people will find me ugly. I am trying to get over it. Yes, I know its a bad thing. 

V is for Venice : My most favorite place in the world!!!

W is for Winter : I LOVE Winter!!

X is for : EXtremely hard to find something with an x that makes sense ;)

Y is for Years : Years seem to pass all too quickly lately. Its time to slow down and enjoy life

Z is for Zoo : I happen to love the zoo. I think its a wonderful place to spend the day.


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  1. Yay! Well done. Gelato! I love it & it's a great one for G. X is impossible. It's a great way to get to know you. Lovely list! X

    1. OMG I love the gelato and I am not an ice cream person at all. Thanks for reading :)

      I would be honoured for you to follow my blog. To follow, please see the top of my blog post. Thanks again for reading :)

  2. I love the name Susan! One of my aunties is a Susan and she's my favourite...seems like she's in great company :)

    1. Thank you so much! I have come to like my name after 35 years ;)

      I would be honoured for you to follow my blog. To follow, please see the top of my blog post. Thanks again for reading :)


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