Friday 22 May 2015

FB Consingment for frugal mommies and daddies

Online Consignment If you are not familiar to it you will be by the end of my post. I have spent the better part of my children's lives shopping from online consignment. I would have to say I am quite the connoisseur of consignment. I have found myself quite a many deals doing this. 

Now by this time I would hope that everyone knows what Kijiji is. I was hooked when I found Kijiji. I used to buy many kids items from Kijiji.   Kijiji is behind me now. Facebook Consignment shopping that is where its at. 

If you type into your search on Facebook, consignment and your city you will for sure find some. They are everywhere. I will use one of my favorites for my examples here. 

I am going with Ask Consignment in Edmonton, AB. 

Once you enter your shopping trip has begun. Now they all usually work the same and I can only imagine that it is universal where you are. You open up their page and you are presented with albums. These albums range from toys to shoes to purses, clothes, baby clothes, home decor, they have it all. Below is an example of clickable albums that will take you to the items. 

Below is an example of a toy I chose from the toys & Games album.

I worked with a online consignment company for about a year. I learned the ins and outs of this business. This my friends is where you are to get the best deals. The bargain albums. 

When new items are posted they usually run for two weeks at full price, than they are marked down to 50% and than further reductions happen. There is the 75% off albums and the wonderful $1 and $2 albums. Do not disregard these albums as junk you can find quite the gem in here. 

I have opened up one of the bargain albums to show you an example of what you can find. 

Now this is just a few items. These albums come loaded to the hilt. There are toys, boys clothes, girl clothes, shoes, purses, home decor. They fill these with whatever did not sell the first few rounds. You will always find great things here. Below is a great example.

This dress. Quite beautiful. Original price $12 and here it sits in the 75% off album at $4.....$4!!!!!

Lets say you have a kid in soccer and this is his shoe size. Tell me you haven't just scored a great deal for soccer shoes at $2.... 

You comment "Please" if you like the item. If someone has beat you to it you comment "Next", more often than not people pass on their items and it comes to you. Yay. 

Now how do you collect these items you are shopping for? 

There are albums for that as well. There are people from the consignment who will go to what they call "Meets" and at a designated location you meet there to pick up your item. 

It is a set time and place every two weeks. If you can not make this "Meet" they usually have a delivery service which they offer. I have never seen it over a $5 charge. To be delivered to your doorstep!!!! This is shopping in luxury.

Here are a few tips for deciphering the acronyms

  • EUC - Excellent used condition
  • NWT - New with tags
  • VGUC - Very good used condition
  • GUC - Good used condition


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  1. Wow. I never thought about using FB like this. Great information. Thanks for linking up and sharing with us at Funtastic Friday. Hope you join us again this week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment :)


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