Thursday 7 May 2015

The toys are vintage.... are..... we vintage?

In this day and age toys have changed quite a bit. The toys I played with are now considered vintage toys. Oh dear, I am feeling a little old now. 

Lets take for example Little People. The way they have changed over the years, becoming chubby people opposed to little people. Yes, I understand a choking hazard as who didn't have one of these little suckers popped in your mouth at one time or another. Still..... It is somewhat nostalgic to look at your old toys or old toys in stores and remember how much fun you had with them. 

Little people always are and were my all time favorite toy as a child. I loved them. I had a lot of them. This one was my all time favorite. 

Little people Mainstreet


One Christmas I received this Super Dough Ice cream shop. Oh the time I spent playing with this. It still makes me smile. I wonder how many people had this toy too. 

I also had this toy. I seen it once at Value Village and picked it up.

I remember a girl down the street having this little car. I had so much fun in this. Unlike the battery operated cars you chug along in these days they sort of lose their luster. Now pedaling as fast as you could ringing the bell on this bad boy was awesome. Am I wrong? :)

I recently purchased this for my daughters. Along with a lot of records. I will always remember sitting around this Mickey Mouse Record player and reading along with the books. 

I have researched the cost of buying these "Vintage" toys. I can wholeheartedly say it is not worth it. The price to obtain a piece of your childhood for your child to enjoy will cost you a pretty penny. I have done it. And the result..... My daughter couldn't care less if she had the chubby new Little People or the pricey one I had just bought. In reality, unless you are buying this toy for yourself to play with, I wouldn't bother haha. 

It just loses its luster when your child doesn't think it is the single most wonderful toy they have ever seen. 

 I do understand the place in peoples hearts that these old toys have. It is a piece of our childhood. It is special, even if only to us. 

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