Sunday 31 May 2015

My thoughts on trends

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am not a fasionista by any means. I am not a trend follower nor do I think a lot of the things look nice. Now this being said, this is MY opinion. If you are a trendy fashionista than so be it, rock it. There was a time when I wanted to have something brand name. I wanted to be part of "that" crowd. By that crowd I mean the person carrying around a brand name bag or brand name shoes. I opted for the purse. I bought myself a coach purse. Now when I bought this purse I liked it for about a week. Once I had it I started to notice EVERYONE had them. To me I just felt like another bee in the hive. I didnt want to be that bee. I sold my purse. 

Does this sound a little silly? Sure. But I have never been one to follow trends. I want to be me, and if being me is being unique than so be it. With my purse gone I still notice people with Coach purses. It is like a plague of Coach out there. 

There are some trends that I will never understand. Like Uggs...... I hear they are comfortable. But am I the only one to think they are the ugliest boots EVER?!?!?! It is like you are tromping around in humongous slippers. They are hideous. I think the name is quite fitting for them. Uggs, damn rights they are. But people flock to them. For the brand? Absolutely. What a trend people, what a trend. 

I get the same feeling when I look at Toms. Toms may be one of the ugliest shoes going. To me they look like a burlap wrapped up shoe. But again, people flock to them. I have heard they are comfortable. But so are Croc's and that is just a whole nother sort of wrong. I do get that they donate a pair when you buy one so that is one thing going for them. But in all honesty, I don't see the appeal. I mean, for a trend, shouldn't it be eye appealing? They are so not. 

Another trendy piece of footwear I do not think is eye appealing is Bogs. They too are pretty darn ugly. I don't think that rain boots needed a built in handle. They may be the greatest rain boots out there. But I wouldn't wear a pair. I laugh just looking at them. Don't get me wrong, I get it, they are good quality, but they are also part of the new trend. If you are a trend follower you have at least 2 of what I have posted so far. Sorry, I know you like them, again, this is my opinion. 

Dont even get me started on print leggings.....

In saying all this, do I hate brands? No. I myself had to have a something from Tiffanys, anything. I got it. I would love to own designer heels. You can read about that here. Thing is... The shoes I want, sure dont look like these :)

After I sold my Coach purse I bought one that was definitely all me. I had seen them at a craft sale years and years ago and I loved them. I hunted them down in the city and for my birthday I got one. Will some people find it ugly? Absolutely!! As people are all different, some people will love it, some will hate it. Me, I love my new purse. It is not part of any trend and it is unique. It is me. It is a purse made entirely of seatbelts. I love it. 

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