Sunday, 21 June 2015

Um.... Happy Fathers Day???

I think that when people imagine what their Fathers Day is going to be like they think of waking up blissful and having a wonderful breakfast, great coffee and having the perfect day. I am sure when my husband awoke today he thought that too. Well.... We tried. We really did

We woke up with me in a slight panic, we slept in!! I was supposed to get up at a certain time to make sure the pulled pork was in the slow cooker so it can cook all day. Thank goodness for the variance in times on that amazing invention. Pulled pork crisis, averted.

We decided, yup, lets head out for a Fathers Day breakfast. But keeping in mind, half the city will be out too. My Husband is NOT fond of line ups. Me, I will wait, if the food is worth waiting for. Him, no way, we are on to the next spot. So I had to think strategically on where we were to go. There is a little truck stop restaurant that has decent food and I can not imagine the city lining up out the door. So off we went.

We got a table right away. We had the girls dressed up in their best dresses which they both asked to wear in lieu of the occasion. Our youngest daughter is 2. Enough said right? I mean why even bother bringing these little monsters out in public. But alas we did, all dressed up for Daddy. First thing she does.... Dumps her chocolate milk on her dress. Well there goes that... Whatever, brush it off, she is two.

Breakfast comes and all proceeds as normal. We are almost done. We have made it. Or so we thought.

Our other daughter is 4. She is a very very good girl. She is quietly playing with the coffee creamers on the table. We hear a loud POP. I look over... She has squished one in her mouth and she is covered in it. Little splatters of milk all over her pretty little face and her beautiful dress. Fantastic. Thanks Abigail.

Now I have talked about this before in my previous blog "10 things I didnt know about birth and babies" you can read that here. After two children, to my dismay, my bladder is not what it used to be. A powerful laugh, a violent cough...pee. Do you hear me ladies? Are you with me? So, what happens next for us? I choke on my food of course. Cough cough cough cough cough PEE.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd were done. 

Um..... Happy Fathers Day Honey 

Nobody said we were a perfect family. But it is what makes us.... us :)


  1. At least you tried! I had to send my hubby home at lunchtime with a bad case of man flu!!

  2. Hey!! Haha very interesting post :)


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