Thursday 11 June 2015

Paint the city blue

June 8th 2015... Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Edmonton Police go about their day as always. Most of us oblivious to what goes on in their world. I for one have no clue. Not until this day did I even think about a hate crimes unit. It is a world you turn over to the strong and brave ones who dedicate their lives to help others.

I think what sits with me most is I too have small children. To leave them behind is my worst nightmare. I am sure it is any parents worst nightmare. I have often worried about leaving my children behind and the pain I feel about them not knowing who I was, how much I loved them, remembering me for me, not through photo's.

As I drove home tonight driving past the ribbons of blue I thought about it more... This woman's life has changed forever. Her children's lives have changed forever. They lost their father, she lost her husband, someone out there lost their son and we as a city lost a brave man.

There are so many tragedies around the world it is hard to comprehend. I personally have stopped reading the news, I no longer watch the news on tv. Informative, yes, depressing... absolutely!! The problem with me is that it sticks with me. As a person who suffers from anxiety I worry all the time. So hearing and reading about disaster and tragedy doesn't bode well for me. 

What rolls around in my head tonight is...... The world moves on. I will go to work tomorrow, most of you reading this will go about your daily lives... But this family.... Their world has come to a complete stop. My heart can only imagine the pain, can only imagine the loss, the hurt. I know myself, I would be angry, angry that everyone around me moves about continuing while I suffer in insurmountable pain. Its not fair. None of it. I would be angry thinking that people will move on and people will forget and I will be left....standing still.

I did not know Const. Daniel Woodall, I do not know his wife. But I want to say.... 

I will not forget!

As a Mother and a Wife myself, I am sharing this Go Fund me account set up for his family

You can donate Here

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