Sunday 21 June 2015

My Father through my eyes

My Father has always been such a big part of my life. I can not imagine growing up without him. I think he has molded who I am today. His values, his mannerisms his sense of humor his work ethic, I get them all from my father. I sometimes believe I am perfectly half my Mother and half my Father. I am happy I got the father I did. I have seen some dads in my day, some so serious, some workaholics. Mine... Mine was always there, always played with us, always made time, and still does.

I have told my Father many times how I feel about him. He is the first man I ever loved, he is someone I hold with such high regard. He has been the pedestal that I hold all men to. To me, my Father knows EVERYTHING. There is nothing he cannot do. 

This is my Father through my eyes.

My first memories of my Father are him reading stories to me. So many stories. I loved it. Not only from books but he would make up the most fantastic stories. He once brought home huge refrigerator boxes and made us houses out of them that we colored and also made us a cardboard slide down the stairs.
We would have taste testing games where he would get food from the fridge and blindfolded we would try them all. He would strap pillows to our front and back and we could bounce around the room on each other.
He would play with us in the snow, making mazes and snowmen. We went on vacation every year. He would always take us camping. He would take us fishing and we would catch little turtles

These are only a few early memories of my father. I always believed I got the pick of the crop when it came to Dads. My dad was FUN!!!! He always made everything fun. If there was ever a man who was made to have children, it was my Father. 

Now I was a trying teenager. I tested the boundaries as best I could. But after those years passed and as I have grown up, the closer I have become to both my parents. My Father has always been there for me. From the times I scraped my knee and needed a hug, to the times I had a flat tire and needed him to change it. The MANY times I couldn't start my car and he would come rescue me. Day or night, he was there. I always know, I can count on my Dad. 

If I needed my Father there was never anything he wouldn't do for me. I feel I can fully count on him for anything. And I love him more than he knows for that. 

What is my Father to me? He was my superhero as a little girl, he became the man who taught me life lessons and restrictions, he is the one taught me to be the person I am today. He is now Grandpa to my children. I watch him with tearful wonder at how much love he has for them. I see how he is with them, The way they look at him. He is to them what he was to me as a little girl. That all wonderful fun loving person. He holds the bar high for what a Father should be. I am forever grateful for that. I love him to the ends of the universe. He is my almighty, he is my Daddy. 


  1. this is just so beautiful x

    1. Thank you so much!!

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment


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