Monday 17 October 2011

Oh that annoying presence

We have all experienced one, all hated one, all been annoyed by one. That annoying student!

Every Monday night for the past month I have been attending my Italian language class. For the most part everything is great. I like the teacher, the other people in the class, meh, who cares about them. But there had to be that one, ugh there had to be him, that annoying repeater mr know it all. Problem is, he doesnt know it all. His wife is Italian and because of this fact, he comes to class piping up all the time answering questions, trying to look so knowledgeable but in the end looking like a fool because he is saying it wrong or not making sense at all. My only joy is when the teacher looks at him like... what are you talking about??? hehehehe.

To all the annoying students out there. Nobody is impressed by your vague knowledge of the subject. We are all tired of hearing you pipe up. Just be quiet, learn what she is teaching you. That is why you took the class.  THANKS :)

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