Friday 14 October 2011

Motion sickness why do you plague me?

Today was pretty uneventful. Back to work after Abby's bout with fevers. As a favor to Enrico I went to the Italian Consulate on my lunch hour. The elevator took me to the 25 floor giving me motion sickness in the matter of 10 seconds. Have you ever been in an elevator that you feel your stomach rise and your ears plug? This was one of those elevators x 10. Once I get in the office they tell me they charge $21.45 to sign a peice of paper and they do not take debit. Back down the sickening elevator. Find a bank machine and back up. So in the end, two times up, two times down. BLAH

Verdict on Abigail - Baby measles, the good thing is. She is at the end of it. After the high fevers comes a rash. She has the rash. Poor angel. But today she slept good and no fever. She even played and danced. :)

Ciao a tutti. A domani

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  1. Measles? Aw poor Abby, but glad she's over them! I took Ethan over to my sis inlaws who's kids have chicken pox...hoping Ethan and maybe Grady will get them. Done and over with.


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