Tuesday 11 October 2011

My everyday mess

This picture depicts the mess Abigail makes EVERY single day. And this is a good day. I can put it all away, and the books neatly on her shelf. She will immediately go over and rip them all down and throw them everywhere and then sit on her pile and look through them, getting mad occasionally because she can not move what she is sitting on. My question is..... When will she see the bookshelf as just a bookshelf and not as something to empty?

Today was another day of fever's for my poor girl. Will these molars just come in already and give her some relief? I made her dinner, thinking, with the teeth hurting like they do, there is no way she will eat. Boy was I wrong. She had a tray of rice, corn and ribs. She shoveled it into her face so fast and said UMMMMMM with every bite. She sure takes after her daddy when it comes to eating  ;-)


  1. At second glance. This is really a good day. I need to take a picture when she destroys the livingroom ;-)

  2. My sweet chubby little girl is developing an appetite just like daddy's :)))))

  3. This mess is totally NOTHING! I could blog daily JUST about Oliver's messes! It never ends with the toys!


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