Thursday 13 October 2011

Fevers, Doctors, lab tests, oh my!

Today started early early early with a crying baby and a fever of 103.8 (yikes)
After Tylenol and a bath her temperature came down. But it has been ways to many fevers in the past week. Made an appointment with her Pediatrician and took her in.

I have to say I was not prepared for the amount of resistance this little girl would have while the Dr checked her. Terrible :(

The doctor recommended we take her to the hospital to get lab tests done. Getting blood tests done....another battle. SOB*

My poor baby girl sat in my arms ALLLLLLL day. She got a little energy for about an hour, thats it.

We are waiting to find out if its an infection, viral or just teething. They believe Viral, which means just keep giving Tylenol. But I am so tired of my angel being sick. Its taking its toll on us all. When one is down, we are all down :(

This picture is just after Abby woke up and we are leaving the house, going to my moms. Remember, the stupid tractor is still here outside her window making a hell of a noise, so we had to relocate for the day.

Back to work tomorrow, and please please please Abby feel better.

Ti voglio bene angioletto

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  1. I've been worrying all day about my little Biscotti :( I just wasn't me. No matter what I was doing I kept being distracted and down. When I came home I held my ciccia for about 45 minutes before putting her to bed. Now it's 11.00 PM and she's been asleep for almost 3 hours straight. Feel better little gufi


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