Thursday 2 April 2015

Where in the world? Who in the world?

From the time I started this blog I assumed that my family would read it, possibly my extended family in Italy and hopefully some friends. I started this blog to track the events of my children. I had post partum depression after the birth of my second child and the blog ceased. This year I started it up again. With my depression behind me I have fully enjoyed writing this blog. It has taken a small turn and become about life, kids, love and hurt. I have poured my heart into it all.

I would like to share some information I find quite interesting as like I said, I started this blog with the idea of a few people reading this. To my surprise I have had quite a lot of views. These stats are pulled from behind the scenes in my blog. 

I have family and friends in Canada so my numbers are not shocking as it is pulled from the time I started this blog. I have extended family and friends in Italy. I know 1 person in Australia.

To my delight I have readers from other places. Be it even if they looked at one post and moved on. I love that there are people from around the world. I have added a translate button to my blog for people who do not speak English. I think its quite something that little ol me has reached this many people

What I would like to share for people who have no idea who I am, or even people who do and have not read some of my posts, these are some of my favorites,

Day 3 Italy and me

Fairytale or fate

Fairytale or fate part 2

One saw mud the other saw stars

For all those people who look at the blog on your phone. Did you know if you swipe to the side it will bring up another blog of mine?

At the bottom of this blog and everY blog you will come to this if you are on a PC

If you are on your phone it looks somewhat different like this.

I would love to know where you are from if you are reading this. Who you are (If you want to say ). How did you come across this blog? I encourage you to leave a comment, on this blog post or any of them.

If you leave a comment this is how I will feel :)


  1. Jody from Manitoba 😊 we started out as fellow co-workers which turned more into friends...I consider Susan a friend in person and on Facebook which is how I came across this blog!

    1. Thank you Jody for reading. I know what a busy life you lead and it makes me happy you take time to read. ❤️

  2. It's amazing how many people you've reached! I'm always on my phone when reading and come to these from facebook :)

    1. I love you Alex for reading. Thank you for taking the time. :)

  3. I never usually post to your blog here but on FB instead. Usually cause the things I want to say are more private. But I DO read it. And I love your stories. Keep on writing!

    1. It is amazing that we can connect after so many years and I love that you enjoy my blog. I hope to soon read 100 things about you :)


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