Wednesday 15 April 2015

Interview schminterview

I decided to interview myself for this blog. 

That's right, interview myself :) 

1. Where were you born? Edmonton

2. Do you recall any interesting stories regarding your birth? I came out bum first. (Sorry mom)

3. Did you have any pets as a child? My mother was scared of animals so I never had a pet

4. What was your favorite board game? As a child I loved the Game of Life

5. Did you have any nicknames? My mom calls me Bear

6. What were you most afraid of as a child? Caterpillars. As stupid as it sounds. I am sure my mother gave me this irrational fear because she was terrified of them and as a child I watched her freak out. 

7. How would you describe yourself as a student? I hated school. I would have rather done anything but.

8. What was your first job? McDonalds.

9. What was your worst job? I worked a second job when I was 20 as a hostess at a restaurant. I despised it. I quit

10. What is your goal as a parent? To raise them with good values. Teach them to be good people.

11. What is your relationship like with your parents today? Fantastic. I would have to say we are a super close family and I love it. My parents are not only my parents but my best friends too. 

12. Who was your first love? Warren Scott. We met in Junior high and were together for many many years. He was one of the best people I have known. I had so many good times with him. My memories run deep :) 

13. Have you had your heart broken? Yes. a few times... 

14. Have you broken any hearts? I have. But unintentionally. I would have to be honest and say that when their hearts broke mine did as well

15. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes

16. What accomplishment are you most proud of? Overcoming depression

17. How do you think people will remember you? Those who are closest to me will remember what a nutball I am

18. What do you think happens after death? I dont believe there is a heaven. I think there is an afterlife, but it doesnt include a god and the gates or whatnot. Not to me at least. 

19. What place does religion have in your life? None really

20. Any body piercings? I had a tongue ring. I chipped my teeth with it. It came out after that. 

21. Any pet peeves? When people say "Gong show"

22. What is your worst memory of childhood? One Christmas my sister and I got up early and asked our parents if we could open a gift. They said yes. We opened Santa's gift. We got in trouble for opening the gift. It was awful.

23. What medical issues have you had to deal with in your life? I have had high blood pressure for years. Medication keeps it balanced however when I get sick, a cold or the flu, I cannot take any medicine to help relieve me as it raises your blood pressure. I hate getting sick. I have to suffer while everyone else pops cold medicine

24. List 20 things about yourself.
  • I hate summer, I hate the heat
  • I get motion sickness. I hate driving in the back of a car
  • I have allergies to pets even though I have two cats and a dog. I just take allergy meds everyday
  • I cannot get enough vermicelli
  • We used to vacation in Kelowna and Penticton every year. I loved it. I loved playing in the lake with my sister
  • I dye my hair every two months
  • I love wearing high heels
  • I never thought I wanted kids. Kids irritate me. I was never a babysitting kind of girl. But.. I guess they grown on you, I have two ;)
  • I dont like to cook
  • I will not drink water from the tap. I can tell if its from the tap and my husband is trying to pass it off as Brita. 
  • My first car was an 83 Pontiac Grand lemans
  • I still get along with my old boss. We had lunch the other day. It was a great time. 
  • I love mint chocolate
  • I love to decorate for halloween. I have tons of decorations but cannot put them up until my girls are a little older as they are scary as hell
  • I have restless leg syndrome and shake my legs until I fall asleep and ALL day at work
  • I love watching cooking shows. I can watch hours of it
  • I am the worst backseat driver, but in my defense my husband is the worst driver I know. So I have a reason :)
  • I once went on a camping trip where we locked ourselves out of the car and than the car broke down, my parents had to drive 5 hours to rescue us and than the car broke down again! Worst trip ever
  • I love peculated coffee when camping. Just the greatest
  • I would live in flip flops if I could

25. Did you ever have pets? I seem to have had all the weird ones. When I broke up with my ex boyfriend he left behind his Piranha and two ferrets. I took care of those ferrets for 7 years. Worst pet anyone could ever have. I would never recommend them to anyone. They are like having bad bad bad children 

26. What is your favorite holiday? I love Christmas. I love the feeling you get at Christmas. The lights, the festivities around the city. The baking, the family time, the get togethers with friends. Big dinners. Watching the kids open their presents from Santa. The food, have I mentioned the food? ;)

27. Do you remember bullying in school? Absolutely, Girls are vicious bitches. 

28. What is your ideal phsical look? I dont think I need a bangin hot bikini body, but I would like to feel comfortable in my own skin

29. How would you hate to be decribed? Ugly

30. Would you fall head over heels in love with you? Not at all. I think I am a great person. But would I fall head over heels for me? haha no!

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