Sunday 5 April 2015

Spaghetti alla YUM!

There is no secret I like to go out to eat. There are many many places to choose from in the city of Edmonton and since I am a creature of habit I fall back on the one I love the best. Ever since meeting Enrico I have fallen in love with Italian food. It is so.... how do you put it, how food should be made.

I am not talking about Olive Garden or S'barro here, I am talking about real Italian food. There was a restaurant not too long ago it closed down, Massimo's. It was excellent. Beyond excellent. The food he made is nothing can find in any typical (what we call Italian) restaurant. He was a chef from Italy who learned the recipes from there. The food was sublime to say the least.

Now what I had for dinner is not your typical Italian food. The name yes, the concept....yes. However I am sure any Italian chef would be a little horrified at this. But of all the non traditional Italian dishes, I crave this huge bowl of scale tipping goodness that can only be found at one restaurant, Pazzo Pazzo. I am not normally a fan of the (non traditional) Italian restaurants in Edmonton, but this one.. this one is good.

Located in the downtown core of the city it is not great for parking as is nothing in the downtown core. Is it worth the $6 parking charge? Absolutely!

It is a quaint little restaurant. It has a class one up, the kind of restaurant that does not have highchairs. I always think a little way of saying, this is not a place for your kids. My stomach says who cares and we bring them anyways. Tonight was a little disaster of broken plates and food on the floor, but at 2 & 4 they were not running and screaming so I consider this a win.

I can not vouch for anything else on the menu other than Spaghetti alla Carbonara. I do not eat anything other than this. What is this dish you ask? Heaven on a plate!! Heaven and heart attack all in one. The food is great and the portions are huge. Do not have an appetizer if you want to finish your meal or at least come close to finishing it. I have had Spaghetti all Carbonara in Italy. It is nothing like this. Nothing!!! They wouldn't dream of making such a bomb. But people.... this bomb is made to be tasted.

The first bite is what I love the most. It comes out piping hot. Not hot from sitting under nasty heat lamps and getting dry, but right from the chef and to your table. Man..... that first bite. I love it. 

I would definitely recommend it for a try. What the hell right? 

What is your, go to restaurant? 



  1. I love Italian food and cook it quite a lot. I lived in Italy for a year and learned all the recipes. I have my own blog focusing on clothes and food please check it out

  2. I would love to check it out. Thanks! My husband came from Italy to be with me about 6 years ago. I made his families recipes. Yum!! If your would like, take a look at my post, Buon Appetito


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