Wednesday 1 April 2015

Another 100 things about me

100 things about ME 

1. My favorite cookie is peanut butter
2. I don't like wearing socks
3. 99% of the time I wear mismatched ones if I wear socks
4. I love watching tv in bed
5. I only have 2 actual friends I see regularly
6. I am 100% ok with that as they are true friends
7. I have a piano and wish I was patient enough to learn to play
8. I sometimes watch the wiggles when my kids are not around. I like them
9. I have never seen The Wizard of oz
10. I like lemon meringue pie, I don't like the meringue
11. I feel ugly wearing my glasses
12. I love to clean my house, I don't like vacuuming
13. I work 7 min from home. It's awesome!
14. I miss my old bosses sometimes. They were like fire and ice but they were great
15. I hope to make it to Antarctica one day
16. I never ever ever make my bed
17. I absolutely love getting into bed
18 I had two weeks of trouble sleeping in depression. I feel sorry for people with I insomnia because       those two weeks were torture.
19. I now can sleep just fine again
20. I love good host ice tea
21. I love playing online poker. Fake money only.
22. I do not like drinking room temp water, only cold
23. I have never owned a new car
24. I  sometimes to quick to judge and should take a step back first
25. I often wonder how many people really read my blog
26. I wish people would comment on it more
27. I had the best time in High school.
28. I wish I got together with friends. Anxiety keeps me away
29. Post partum depression/depression took me down hard. I fought back and prevailed
30. After much therapy haven't been happier
31. I find it hard thinking of 100 things about me :)
32. I wish I never hurt the first man I fell in love with.
33. I am scared of catapillers
34. I love the idea of sitting outside, but bees make me scared too
35. I LOVE to text
36. Journey is my favorite band
37. I like watching twilight
38. I am crazy in love with my dog and am scared to lose him
39. I have a favourite coffee mug, it is from A&W. You can buy them. Win!
40. I would like another tattoo but the first one felt like someone raking me with razors I am too scared
41. My mom is my favorite person to hang out with
42. I loved MillinVanilli. Still do lol
43. I love having my feet tickled
44. Getting Avon books makes me happy
45. Vietnamese food is one of my all time favorites
46. I have restless leg syndrome
47. I wasn't happy with the end of Breaking Bad
48. I am worried my bad memory wont go away
49. I would love to one day be able to wear a sundress and look good
50. I don't know how to dance
51. I don't want ellie to grow up. She is my last baby. I miss it already
52. I will never understand animal cruelty
53. I love cap'n crunch
54. I always thought Hulk Hogans name was Hulk Kogan
55. I do not like Tim Hortons coffee
56. I live for Sunday's. It is Enricos guaranteed day off
57. I have been seeing my therapist ever since I had post partum depression. It ends soon. It worries me at the thought of not having her
58. She changed my life more than she will ever know.
59. I am still scared to go to the theatre in case someone comes in and shoots it up.
60. Watching the news doesn't bode well for me. Obviously
61. I used to love fish and chips until my friend told me they have worms sometimes. Done...
62. Even though I know McDonalds is horrid, I LOVE it
63. I love a good thunderstorm provides it doesn't turn into a tornado warning
64. I made Enrico buy a portable air conditioner when I was pregnant
65. I would rather stay home and watch a good movie than go out
66. I think girls should always paint their toenails. ALWAYS
67. Two weeks before I found out I was pregnant the first time, I showed up at home with a HUGE chocolate cake just because I craved it. We laughed when I found out I was pregnant because it made sense than.
68. i love the sound of grandfather clocks
69. I am actually scared to play candy crush. I don't want to become one of you LOL
70. I would like to go to Belize. Maybe the only "hot" place I would ever want to go
71. When we were 18 a girl from our school died in a tragic accident. I still pass where she died and there are still flowers there all the time. It's been 17 years. She would have been 35
72. I overthink movies when I watch them and often ruin things for Enrico
73. I think they need to hire over thinkers for the people who edit and fix the movies lol
74. I gained weight after the birth of both my girls
75. I gained weight during depression
76. I am working on losing it
77. I love to move furniture around, but now that the tv is mounted to the wall it makes it so I can't do it. :( boo
78. Enrico won that tv at a work function. It's HD and huge
79. I drink crazy amounts of cold milk. Yum
80. I don't actually like playing ponies. I fake it
81. I play ponies because I love abby with all my heart
82. I saw a purse in venice, I regret not buying it
83. I go to buffets because I love my husband. I hate buffets
84. I loathe his cd collection and obsession to heavy metal music
85. I thoroughly enjoy reminding him how much I loathe it
86. I have cats. I wish I didnt. They shed too much. but I love them and don't believe in getting rid of animals
87. I think Gordon Ramsay is sexy, be it the respect he commands I dunno
88. I think Jamie Oliver is too
89. I never wrote in my girls baby books
90. I think National Lampoons movies are the funniest movies
91. I love the smell of lilacs
92. I don't like my neighbours, they are not mean, but not smiley lol
93. I love stupid commercials
94. I wish more people would do a 100 things about me.
95. I worry that because I gained weight I am not pretty
96. I know that is terribly superficial. I am ashamed of it however can not help it.
97. I can't wait for summer to be over
98. One of my favourite places to work because of the people I worked with was Canadian Tire
99. I would like to learn to snowboard properly lol
100. I miss winter already


  1. Loved your blog. Sat up half the night with a sore throat just to read it.
    I feel closer to you knowing 100 things about you I didn't know before.
    I know how to dance but don't look good in a sun dress unless I shave my legs
    I love Capt Crunch to but hate the flap of skin you get in your mouth when you eat too much of it
    I have had a grandfather clock for many years. I bought it at a garage sale. It was sitting in the corner in pieces in a cardboard box. It didn't work but I took it home and got it working. Now I love the sound of the chimes to.
    I have taken it apart several times over the years to clean and oil it. It keeps perfect time but after the last cleaning, it chimes the hour at a quarter after…..dooooh!
    I see myself in many of the 100 things I read about you.
    I have always loved your beautiful smile and your laugh.
    Makes me realize how much I love my niece.

  2. I can only assume this is Uncle Barry. As I remember a certain conversation about a grandfather clock with you :) If so it is your grandfather clock I fell in love with years ago. Sleeping on the couch upstairs listening to it chime. How I loved it!! Thank you for reading. I love you ❤️

  3. Keep on writing Sue its important, and save what you have written. Put it some where safe. When you have long forgotten about 2015 you will be able to look back on this part of you and your family's lives with amazement and thanks.

  4. Very cool! I just learned a load about you! I couldn't do 100 I don't think lol

  5. I think you could. I would love to see it sometime :)


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