Friday 3 April 2015

Ode to a Best Friend

As Easter rolls around we are all excited for a long weekend, a possible dinner and the joy of watching our children see their baskets from the Easter Bunny. As much as this is wonderful, I have to admit I always think back to my childhood and I long for the days of Easter weekend.

When I was a child Easter weekend always consisted of heading out to Saskatoon to visit my Uncle Keven and Aunty Karen. These were the days I tell ya. Not only did we visit them but my cousins as well. Chris, Lisa, Kim, Jonathan & Justin. I dont remember the time or day but me and Kim go together like Chocolate chips and cookies. She has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We fully believe we are soulmates. I love her more than she will ever know.

It was a 6 hour drive and we used to stop in Lloydminster for dinner. I can remember the excitement of this weekend. It was always a guarantee we would see eachother for Easter weekend. Most times on Thanksgiving as well. I loved it.

Thinking about it always brings back great memories. I think of standing in the kitchen eating macaroons and Kim eating these hard caramel bars my mom used to make and stuffing our faces with them. The excitement of finding our Easter baskets filled with chocolate on the Sunday before we leave. The complete sadness of the day we had to leave. Why oh why can we not leave later? Why does it have to be so early, every time? I wish we would have lived closer. But than would I have lived for those moments we got to see eachother?

With our fathers being twins we always wondered if it was why we have such a special bond. Whatever the case I love it, I love her.

I miss the times we would come to Saskatoon and as kids play in the backyard at 1st street. Sell lemonade in the front using the salad spinner to wash cups. Or so we thought. The scary half dirt basement and the beds with blue and red circles you push and the lights magically went out. Raking lawns for 50 cents and buying Voortmans cookies with our riches haha.

I miss the second house. Playing Poleconamy and making prank calls. Dancing to the New Kids routine in the bottom basement. Watching new kids videos until we fell asleep.

I miss the last house where she shared a room with her sister. I miss listening to music and secretly smoking cigarettes in her bedroom. Putting them out in this disgusting can we would spray cologne in thinking it would take the smell away. Wrong! I am surprised in fact that we never got caught.

The best summer I have ever had was with my cousin. I had the time of my life. I know when we got together as teenagers we were a couple of A holes, but man I had fun. And every time I see her we have fun.

It was with my cousin kim that we scratched the initials of Chris Smith into our arms. He was from Kris Kross for those who dont know. C.S is what we scratched into our arms. Hers never stuck.

Mine stuck.....

This is it, some 23 years later.. I laugh even thinking about it. I am sure she laughs harder though.

As we got older she moved to Kelowna. The trips to Saskatoon ceased for me unless she was to be there and possibly I could make it up. I havent seen her in years. We may have not seen eachother in years but I love that when we see eachother again we will click like no time has passed at all.

I am thankful my father and his brother were so close as to share these holidays every year. I have had fun with her as far back as I can remember and knowing the fun is not over yet makes me smile.

I miss the laughter where there is no sound, maybe some clicking. The laughter where your stomach hurts if you laugh anymore.

We both have families now. Both have two kids, a husband and work full time. But we still find the time to say hi, how are you, several times during the week.

We were teenagers when this picture was taken. But it depicts us perfectly. 

This is us

Two Mapes

Best friends



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