Monday 14 November 2011

Scrabble anyone?

Another craft made from Pinterest. So simple and fun, since I love crafts. To make this you need;

  1. Picture frame
  2. Scrabble tiles
  3. Scrapbook paper
  4. Glue
The rest is just your own imagination. :)

Now that Abby believes Ryley to be one of her best friends, she does whatever pleases her with him. That may be smacking him with her hands, pulling on his hair, banging her head into him, hugging him and rocking back and forth.
Abby has become quite the mama's girl, so to get her to come off Mama's lap Enrico started to play little games with her, he showed her how you can stick this Diaper Genie refill on your head, and wait, even funnier if you stick it on Ryley's head. Now that he showed her this little game, she searches for that Diaper Genie refill and comes right to Ryley to put it on his head.
This picture depicts her happiness as she gets the Diaper Genie refill to stay on his head :)


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