Wednesday 11 January 2012

My sleeping Angel

Sometimes at night, through the monitor, I hear my sweet angel wake up and play with Violet or Giovanni the Italian bear or turn on her little fish tank and then go back to sleep. Often it makes me want to go in her room and hold her for a bit. Kiss her soft little cheeks. Tell her that mommy loves her more then life itself. But....sadly I know I can not, so I sneak in her room while she is sleeping and take a quick photo or two :)  There is nothing more sweet then the many ways she sleeps. Sometimes with her little bum in the air, sometimes curled up with her favorite blanket which is the polka dot one. These pictures are quickly becoming my favorite because she really is, my sleeping Angel.

Bum in the air

I love you Abigail. I love you forever!

1 comment:

  1. I just cried a little bit. My sweet polpetta :')


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