Monday 9 January 2012

Merry Christmas Abby

Amazing the difference from one year. From chubby little baby to little girl. And she is only one and a half. So many more changes to come.

This Christmas was the best Christmas I have had in a long time. Reason being, Abby actually understood that there was a Christmas. Not in the understanding we have of Christmas, but she seen the tree, she seen the decorations, the lights, the santa's. It all made her so happy, and most of all, she opened up her gifts. :)

The greatest moment for me was when she opened up her gift and then asked for more via sign language. This video shows her opening her gift and then asking for more. I think this was the point my Christmas was complete. My baby is happy :)


Aunty Sylvia sent a package over from Italy. Inside was the most beautiful little knitted poncho I had ever seen. This picture below is Abby wearing her little gift.

Isnt it PERFECT for her?

Did you like the pig tails?  :)


  1. Abbigail is so sweet Sue, I just love her smile & when she laughs, everyone around her "SMILES"....

    Trina/her babysitter lol :)

  2. That is a very awesome poncho!!! And sweet piggie tails! She is growing up! And yes, so much changed in a year!!! Even 6 months! It's all so much fun! You're doing such a great job with her, Enrico and Susan!


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