Thursday 21 May 2015

Nail Polish Strips, yay or nay

I had decided to grow my nails. I love having nails. I am not one for the fake nail look. Not only does it make it hard to type at work but god help you if you need to take your contacts out. You may as well stick a spoon in your eye. 

The problem is, I think I may have a tad bit of OCD when it comes to my nails. I constantly feel them, I feel them all day. I check the sides, are they sharp? Did they end of my nail peel? Is there a small crack? Its like I am looking for any imperfection and than BAM I am messing around with it and I have a broken nail. 

When this happens I usually end up getting rid of my nails one by one. I decided if I keep my nails painted than I at least will not look for the problems and break my nails. I painted my nails with regular nail polish and working in an office dealing with paperwork all day the nail polish quickly faded off the ends of my nails and I was again inspecting for impurities. 

I went shopping and decided to try these. Lasts up to 10 days huh. We will see about that Sally Hansen

It comes with many strips and extras in case you mess up (which I did) a file and a stick to push your cuticles in.

Lets do this Sally

Its fairly easy process. You take the strips and you peel the backing off and place them on your nails. 

I used the cuticle pusher to push the nail wrap into the cuticle as well and it worked well to cut the excess off. 

The file is what you use around the tip of your nail to file the remaining nail wrap off.

I did it! It was not a horrible process but you need some time to get it right. My nails are by no means perfection, as told in my previous posts I tend to rush to see the results making mistakes along the way. Of course I did that here too. Its just me :)

I put a clear coat of nail polish on top. I waited........

7 days later, these are my nails. 

The tips wore off by the 10th day. But overall I would say that its quite a great product. 

The only thing is..... 

Ladies, have you ever tried to take off glitter nail polish before? You may as well have put concrete on your damn fingers. Good luck is all I have to say :)

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  1. Great post, I always wanted to know if those strips really worked and if they lasted a little while.

    And I know your struggle, removing glitter polish is absolutely the worst!

    Xo, Sophienderella

    1. hahaha isnt it the worst? I am glad I am not alone :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love if you stuck around to read some more. I will check out your blog :)

  2. I tried some nail wraps ages ago and hated them! The fact that these lasted so long is fab though :-)

    Helen - #boldandbeautiful

  3. Me too. I was surprised! Too bad you hated them. Maybe you need to try a different brand.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love if you stuck around to read some more.

  4. Love this! I tried the Sally hansen nails and had great success
    Thanks for linking up with #LIML this week

    1. I chewed my nails off as too many broke ;) but I will soon get the urge to grown them again and will definitely try these again

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting

  5. Wow these look amazing, I am really impressed and am definitely going to try them out.

    1. I was surprised at how great they turned out :)

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting

    2. Love the glitter effect, I have glitter varnish it chips so easy but you can never get it off haha

  6. Hahaha I love the glitter but may as well take a scrubber to your fingers to get it off :)


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