Saturday 19 September 2015

Summer 2015 kicked my ass

The last time I blogged I was complaining. Complaining about my Camping Catastrophe and my back. Well, I can officially say neither has gotten better. 

We did decided to go camping again. Camping take 2. Even my 5 year old was skeptical, "We are going camping again? 

I had wonderful memories when I was a child. Every year we would go. I loved it. I want my kids to love it too. I was bound to make this time different. We were set, we bought a new tent, two new air mattresses (because the last ones deflated) and we were off. The weather was not great. It was cloudy  rainy and cold. Really? Why me? Cant it just be sunny? UGH!!! I was irked already. But never the less we were going. I was gonna make this happen. 

We were getting ready to go, I was going to have a shower before we left and I bent down to turn on the tap for the tub and my back went out. I felt something twang and I hit my knees. I couldn't believe it. Honestly!! I was set that this trip would be different. I was going to be fine. The last time we went camping the air mattresses deflated and I got a pinched nerve in my back from sleeping on the ground. Now my back is out again? I immediately went to the chiropractor before we left. 

I wish I could say that it helped. Maybe it did a little bit. But in the end, I was back to walking bent to the side and not being able to walk far distances. Great!

We got to our campsite and it was raining. We went to the local Canadian Tire for an air pump for the air mattresses because of course we forgot that. I bought one and up to the campsite we went. When the tent was up and the air mattresses ready to be inflated what do we find.... That the pump is electrical, not for the car. All I can think is.... UNBELIEVABLE!!! So after much bitching about the air pump we finally have an idea and my husband walks to the bathrooms where they have a plug in and inflates them there and carries the air mattresses back to the campsite. 

Ok, we are ready to camp. Everything went great. We had a wonderful night. I get in the tent and...... one air mattress is losing air. MOTHER #$#$%#$% I cannot believe it. These are brand new!! What the hell. Ok, so the kids weigh less, they can sleep on one together. 

It was cold that night. To say cold is an understatement, we could see our breath. Thankfully we had my mothers down comforters and even if it snowed we would have been warm in those babies. But I was worried about the kids all night. Did they kick the blankets off, are they covered? Not a peaceful sleep I will tell you that. 

In the morning.......... I could feel the ground. Unreal. Again.. Really? I cant say I was too surprised. Mighty pissed off, but not surprised. I had to get up and go to the bathroom, but with my back completely eff'd up, I couldn't walk there, not even if I tried. I could walk a short distance and was in massive pain. I had to start the car and drive to the bathrooms. Great camping trip hey?

I am not sure if this summer decided to kick the Pajaro's asses but it did everything in its power to do so. 

I have a work phone. I take calls on the weekend. I forgot the phone at home.........

What now? God dammit. Do I drive back to the house for the phone? Do I leave it? (I cant leave it) Its an hour and a half at best back to the house. Thank goodness we were close. I decided, I was going to go back. My husband and kids will stay at the beach for the day, but I will take the 3 hour round trip and go get that goddamn phone. Nobody was happy. But I did pick up the foot pump for the air mattress.

My parents came out to the beach that day. They stayed with the girls and they had a good time. I feel bad I missed out. My mom suggested that maybe she will take the girls back to the city for the night and me and my husband can have a night alone. 

I thought about it. I really wanted this to be a great family camping trip. But lets really look at it here. Its cold, the air mattresses deflated AGAIN and its tough watching two little girls around a campfire. This is no relaxing outing. So, I agreed. Yup, take the girls for the night.

Going back to the campground we decided to pump up both air mattresses. I thought, we will be smart, we will stack them one on top of another. This way, if one deflates a little and same with the other one, we can still be off the ground a little. Well, around 2am my husband decides he has to pee. AND pump up the deflating air mattresses. So as I sit beside the bed, on the cold bottom of the tent he pumps up these crappy god damn air mattresses. 


Air mattresses FLAT AS A BOARD!!!! Both of them. 

To say I was mad is an understatement. Fuck these god damn things. Thats what I was thinking. I was not preparing anything for breakfast, lets get this shit in the car because once again I AM DONE!!

That was it, we camped twice and it bombed twice. 

That is when I really thought about it. I will not do this again. My mind was set, we will get a trailer. Not a tent trailer, I didnt want anything to set up, we had already been through two set ups in the rain. I didnt want anything that would leak to the touch, I wanted to be dry I thought about it alot. And this is where my hunt for the Boler began..

It has been a long hunt for me. Everyday looking for a trailer small enough to pull behind an suv and light. I want a 13 ft trailer. Small!!! All it needs to have in it really is the bed for me and my husband and the two bunk beds for my girls. 

I will tell you. This started off as a fun hunt. I was excited. I was ready. Lets do this. BOLER!!!! eeeeeeee

Its been almost two months. 10+ trailers down, probably 200km+ driving to look at said trailers and still nothing. 

It is amazing how when it comes down to it you really see a lot of junk. I have seen some real piece of shit trailers. I would bring my father along, I didnt know what I was looking for. But now, I think I can officially say that I now know what I am looking for. The last Boler I looked at I was crawling around the garage floor looking under it with a flash light. I am sure the guy thought I was crazy. 

The hunt for the right trailer is a hard one. I want one for my family. I want something small because it is not somewhere I envision us spending alot of time. Lets call it a glorified tent. I dont want to hang out it in. That is what your chairs outside are for. If it rains yes we will have somewhere to go but other than that it will be a place to sleep only. Bolers are cute, but they are also old. I want one not because I want to restore it, or because they are a fad, they are maybe 1000lbs and that is nothing to pull  behind your vehicle. Perfect!! If only I can find the perfect one. 

Problem is, there are many people looking for these small trailers to restore. So if you do not get there fast enough, you are out of luck. I have been driving my father crazy taking him to trailer after trailer. 

I will not go through the camping hell again. Next time we will be dry, warm and comfortable. I will make these trips wonderful for my family. Just need to find the right one. I hope it comes soon. I am tired of looking. 

This is what a Boler looks like. Cute yes. Practical yes. Perfect for me and my family? Hell yes!!!

This is a Trillium, just like a Boler. This is one I looked at. But it just wasnt the one :(

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