Sunday 22 March 2015

There was two in the bed and the little one said

It has been almost a year since I left work to regain my mental health and in that time Abigail has started something that never happened while I was working. She will occasionally come sleep in our bed. This is no problem per say as our bed is a King sized bed with lots of room for Enrico, Abigail, myself and the dog ;) My Father once asked her why she comes to sleep with us and she told him "because Mommy puts her whole arm around me and it makes me feel good". Oh my heart was exploding.

Now don't get me wrong. We are not the perfect picture of three people sleeping in a bed. She will often turn sideways and have her head in my face and her feet on her Daddy's face. She will want to sleep right next to me if not almost partially on me. I am not a fan of being hot and this little girl under all her little blankets is hot! I gradually move away in my sleep and she follows. So in waking up I am right on the edge of the bed usually laying on my side and she is pressed up so close to my back.

Some would say, just move her. Put her back in her bed. Of course this is an ideal situation as I have a much better sleep when this little wriggly girl is not in my bed pushing me out. But I almost see it as I do my with my dog Ryley. He is a Shitzu-Pomeranian and so he is quite small. He usually sleeps at the end of the bed but will also often move around the bed to his leisure. If he is in my way I will 99% not move him. I just love him so much and if he is comfortable so be it. I will twist and contort around him in a ridiculous fashion. Of course there are times that I move him and it is wonderful but for the most part I will move around them both

This is not an every night occurrence with Abby. It happens every so often but I have grown to love it. Having my little baby girl crawl in bed and want to sleep with me makes me feel..... special. I have asked her why she comes to sleep with us believing it could possibly be a bad dream and she usually replies "I just wanted to lay with you. These past few times I have asked again wondering if it was a nightmare. This time her reply was "Because I love you".

My point of the story is that I start a new job tomorrow and I had to tell Abby she can no longer come sleep in our bed. Once I get up and start getting ready she will get up also and this little girl needs her sleep. I am sure on my days off she will come to sleep with us, or maybe while I work this little pattern will cease and this wont happen again. I welcome it as long as I don't work ;) If not, I have thoroughly enjoyed having her come cuddle for the night and I will absolutely miss it. She has a little light snore that I love to listen to. 

She is my first born baby, I adore her. 

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