Wednesday 4 March 2015

Day 5 Italy and me

I cannot thank my parents enough for taking care of my babies so that I was able to come on this wonderful trip and especially the Masiero family for all they have done. They are Enrico's family, however it is a big thing to take in two people and disrupt your lives for the week they inhabit your home. I appreciate his sisters need for her brother to be around for the conversation and interaction they have since lost upon him coming to Canada. I was able to tag along on on this visit and in that my Venice trip was born. Although it was only a day I fully understand the need of family to be together which is why I took in every second I could of Venezia.

With 4 hours of sleep I awoke to a quiet almost ghostly state of Venice. 5:30am I was again perched at my window :)

Knowing that we leave today who needs sleep ;) as the city comes alive it is quite something to see. The many boats carrying boxes upon boxes of fresh vegetables and fruit for the many restaurants and little shops. The workers are what have arrived first. Bringing supplies by boats constantly from place to place.

I watched as what I can only imagine is called a water bus go from 1 person to being stuffed so full you could almost imagine they will soon fall out the sides. Gondoliers come to uncover their Gondola's and prepare them for the busy day ahead, wiping them down using the water below shining them up and fluffing the pillows. And the restaurant below unlocking the tables from the cables they attached them all to and align every one perfectly with a tablecloth. Another day has begun.

I watched until everything below became routine. I watched until I could watch no more and we took another wonderful walk through the narrow streets of Venice on our way to the train station.

I reminisce on the previous day with many sights and such wonderful Gelato. Now anyone who knows me well knows I am not a fan of ice cream. But somehow this ice cream is different in every possible way. The taste but by far the display. My god the display. It is nothing less than spectacular the way they display their Gelato. At home we look into the glass case at round pails full of colourful ice cream. Here it is like an art form beneath a glass display. I could not resist such a temptation. My first ice cream was called Zuppa Inglese. Nobody could tell me specifically what was in it but it was unlike anything I have had before. Incredible!

I love the little shops

To me it is beautiful in a way I have never seen before. Have I mentioned I love Venice? :)

The previous night I was not expecting all the stores to be closed as we took our walk through the night. We walked along quicker this time as there were no crowds of people filling the small streets able to look at all the shops with no visual hinderance. 

As stated before St Marco Square is filled with people in the light of day. Filled! And being able to walk the perimeter walk the whole square and see it in all its beauty is truly amazing. It is bigger than it  appears in the day in the absence of such a crowd. 

I must say that I enjoy venice more in the day for the shops are open and the fun of it is somewhat lost at night when everything is closed. But it is peaceful and romantic to stroll along the almost empty streets. 

I have loved every moment spent here. For anyone who hasn't been and thought it would be nice I highly recommend my favourite place in the world. 

Just breathtaking...

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