Sunday, 4 December 2011

The many emotions of Abigail

Just looking at this face Abby makes, makes me laugh. As she grows, her little temper shows a little more. This face is the face she will make at you when you tell her no. LOL. She will either make the face, which I have named popeye, and or she will smack the table or whatever is in front of her. As funny as it is, I am trying not to laugh directly at her as I am sure it is not the way to react to your daughters temper hahaha. But how can you not with the popeye face :)

Lets forget for one second that Abby is very dirty lol
(I almost didn't post the picture in the embarrassment of her being so dirty, she had just eaten)

This picture I took because Abby is in love with books. If you know her, you know that you have to read books ALL day long. She will bring you one after another after another after another. She brought me a book of nursery rhymes. I read many of them before I came to "Baa baa black sheep". I sang it to her and turned the page. She immediately turned the page back and wanted it again. So I sang it again. But this time, she looked a bit sad and her bottom lip came out. I turned the page and she turned it back. I sang it again and she got even more sad. So I flipped to another page so I could read another. She turned it back again. So again I sang to her "baa baa black sheep have you any wool".....  My sweet little baby. This time, tears streamed down her face. It was the saddest and cutest thing ever. Why in the world would she want me to keep singing something that made her sad is beyond me, why she would cry to baa baa black sheep, I just don't know LOL. But this picture is her, looking at the page. Baa baa black sheep, wanting it again. Finally after the tears mom said, no more baa baa black sheep  :)  :) 


  1. I used to cry to at a little cartoon song named "Sweet Remy" when I was a little boy... I have no memory of it, but my sister still makes fun of me because of that. My mom would sing just the first notes and... BUHUUUUUUUU ;) My sweet little angel, I love her more than ever :)

  2. I cried watching at Benny Hills Show :D

  3. This post made me laugh! I miss little Abby, hopefully I get to see her again soon!

  4. I love that you posted this picture of Abby! It shows that you are a loving mother and let her have some fun! I'm wondering if certain songs just give kids a flood of emotions that they like but makes them cry all at the same time, but they still like it more than anything? If I hear a good song I sometimes get tears too. Ethan does the same thing sometimes. He's got a teddy bear mobile and when he pulls the string he cries the saddest cry! But he still pulls the string. Finally I had to hide the mobile. But if or when he finds it, no matter how long it will be, he will always give the same reaction! At least Abby likes your singing! I'm almost convinced Ethan doesn't like my singing. He will call out loudly and repeatedly "mommy, mommy, mommy" makes it very inconvenient when I'm trying to sing Grady to sleep, but he doesn't do it everytime. When I was visiting at Josh's parents church and his mom started to sing he tells out "Bama, Bama, Bama!" meaning grandma. LOL and it's a small quiet church, everyone heard him loud and clear! It was funny but embarrassing! Gotta love their experiencing

  5. Sorry my phone had problems at the end of my MSG. Meant to say gotta love them experiencing their emotions (sometimes) :)

  6. I love that you guys are reading this :) It sure makes me happy.

    There are some other toys with songs that make Abby cry too. Kinda like the mobile, Jody :)

    She has a vibrating chair that she sits in, if the toy bar is on it, it will play a song that she will cry to and another teething toy that will play a song very slow. Yup, cry lol


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