Monday, 28 November 2011

One smart cookie

This little girl is so smart. She has mastered the hand signs for "more" and for "please". It is the cutest thing in the whole world. If she wants more she just signs more and how can I refuse. The please is adorable too. If you say no to something she will ask please in sign language. Melt my heart...

She is now walking around so much more. She walks all over the house. I love it. Her balance is getting great. The proud look she has when walking across the room is priceless. How I love my baby girl.

She also said "Thank you". I swear I almost cried lol. It sounds like "anh oooo". Its the cutest!

I need to get these all on camera so you can see how cute it really is :)

This picture is her tonight. She is not feeling good. She has been tired all day. Her nose is runny and she has a cough. But she is still up for playing with her puppy Ryley, the game of sticking the diaper genie refill on his head. Such happiness when she gets it on his head.  :)

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  1. She is really understanding what we are saying to her now. Have to really watch what we say when she starts to talk



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