Monday 5 December 2011

Please mom may I have an aaapole :)

Now Abby has mastered the sign for please. Since she can not talk yet, it is very helpful. If I am not sure if she wants something I say "Did you want breakfast?" and she signs please to me. It has been the cutest thing ever. I think she is so darn smart and I love when she does it.

I decided to shop for her Christmas presents the other day. I walked down the toy aisle and Abby was pointing at the toys. I said "no honey, you cant have all these toys". She then proceeded to sign "PLEASE". I almost died. How can I refuse this little girl when she is saying please! I had to leave the toys immediately lol

This little toy I bought for her months and months ago. She never really started playing with it until recently. The other day she was pressing the buttons. When you press the little girl one for example it will say "peekaboo eyes, peekaboo nose, peekaboo face". She kept pressing the Apple one and I would repeat the voice, Apple, Apple. Then all of a sudden she said, aaapoh. I was like OMG OMG did you hear that? She said Apple. Then she said it again and again and then more clear. Now it will sound like aaaaaapole.  I honestly couldn't have been more excited lol :)


  1. So cute!! Does she know any other sign language?

  2. Her first word was Thank You. It kind of sounded like Anh ooooo. You knew she was saying it, but it wasnt clear like Apple was. She said it clear!

    Rick, she knows how to say, Please, More and All Done in sign. She did say thank you once, but she is stubborn lol, if I push her, she will shut down in retaliation. ;)


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