Monday 7 November 2011

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Anyone who has seen Abby with her blanket, knows she has an attachment to it. She can spot it across a room, and ask for it until she gets it. She will chew on it, bite her fingers through it by accident, cry... Sleep with it, bite it and crawl around with it. Cuddle it in the car, when she is upset. It very well could be her best friend.

This picture makes me smile. She and Ryley have become fast friends since she figured out she can feed him and he will take it. She loves it. So does he. She always wants him around and when he is laying down, she will often go lay with him. The day I took this picture she decided she wanted to lay down like Ryley. And then while staring at him, she took part of her blanket and tried to pass it to him.

Cutest moment ever!


  1. Sorry my phone Acts up on this website for some reason! I was gonna say that is the cutest little story! I laughed about the biting the fingers through the blankets! It's sad but funny how they get so into things they don't even realize what they're doing!

  2. LOL, she has always had this little thing about biting the blanket, and I couldnt figure out why she would randomly cry. It hit me one day, she is biting her fingers lol. Poor baby girl :)


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