Wednesday 29 April 2015

An unread letter

Dear Mother in law...

Though I have never met you, I have thought about you countless times. I only know you through stories and the photographs my husband holds dear. What do I know about you? I know that you were an incredibly loving mother who dedicated your life to your children and husband. You were a wonderful mother and friend to both your children. My husband, your son, has told me many stories of the happy times of dinners and movies together.

He was a mommies boy through and through. I know as his mother you will always hold a huge part of his heart and I will share what remains and take it in honor. How I wish I could have known you. Known the magnificent woman who raised such a man. I have never known any man to have such kindness in his heart and such a need for the ones he loves to be happy. When asked why he is such a good man his answer is always the same, "My mother".

I often wonder, would you like me? The woman who captured your sons heart. Would we have gotten along? I couldn't say I am the perfect wife, I am not sure anyone is exactly perfect, but I sure know I try. I love him unconditionally and more every day. I believe we have missed out on each other. It saddens me to no end. I feel I could have learned a lot from you, about who you are, who your son is and about life in general. He holds you in such high regard... I only wish I could have known you.

I know you would be proud of who he has become. His heart is no longer in constant agony. He has blossomed into a new person and we have  two beautiful little girls who in many ways resemble him perfectly. At times they are the spitting image of their father and I believe that you would have loved them immensely as only a Grandmother could. I wish you could see what joy having a family brings to him. I wish you could see what he means to all of us.

I will do my best to make you proud as well. I will always long for an acceptance I will never get. My life will be for my family, for him. You have raised the man of my dreams and for that I am eternally grateful.

Until the day we meet.....
Your loving daughter in law

Dora Pajaro

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  1. Todays blog was very heartfelt in how you described your feelings for Enrico's mother. I really felt the sentiment in your words, Enrico has a wonderful family, and when we were in Italy and went to where Enrico's parents were buried it a very profound moment. It would be special if his parents could experience the things we do with Abby and Ellie. When your writing gets to the point that it draws the reader in emotionally it truly demonstrates your skill has moved to a whole new level. I look forward to each and every blog you write with anticipation as to what the subject or topic will be. I waited till I had my time alone and when it was quiet in order to fully immerse myself in today's blog. Your blog left me feeling for you, understanding your emotion when you wrote it and when I was finished a tear in my eyes.


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