Wednesday 30 May 2012

Baths and ......Bikes?

I have not posted in awhile. I am pregnant and extremely tired lately that nothing in my life is on track. All on hold until my energy decides to return to me. I look for it everyday, but somehow it eludes me.

I have also lost my camera charger. We are in the midst of getting another, but until then, I have bad quality cell pictures and videos.

Abigail is growing up so fast. She is starting to talk more, her attitude is coming out more, she is a stubborn little one. But her cuteness astounds me. Soon I will be posting and posting pictures again.

Soon, very soon

Abigail and her baths :)  She loves them more everyday. When we ask her if she wants to come out its always a no! I have to take her out when the water is getting cold because she would stay in regardless

She will pretend you are not there most times when asking her to come out. In which Enrico is starting to get frustrated a little. He came out of the bathroom with her the other night saying "I cant believe it, she is not even 2 and she is ignoring me"! hehehe. She loves her bath

We have also become quite smart in getting her to do things she does not want to do, like brush her teeth. Enrico found out, if he asks her, "Can I brush your teeth for Copertina (Blanket)?" She says YES :)  and she will happily open her mouth.

How I love the mind of a child. So innocent and sweet. She has also tried to take a bath with her Copertina a few times and succeeded with us having a panic and throwing it in the dryer quickly before she goes to bed. Now, Copertina stays away from the bathroom when its bath time.

Another new love in her life is the bike.

Everyday she comes in and pats her little hand on it asking me "mom, bike?" in her own little way.

It is adorable and I wish I could take her out everyday, but unfortunately they didnt make the baby bike seat for short people like me. It will only fit on Enrico's bike :(  So any bike rides have to be when Daddy is home, and when Daddy comes home, most nights, he is wiped from work that a bike ride sounds like a nightmare.

This was the very first picture of her in her helmet

Now that she knows what it means, she is excited to put it on.

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